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The Evolution of CME:
1978 – CME is founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, manufacturing hand-held grinders
1981 - CME opens its Canada location to serve the North and South American markets; Swedish office remains active to manage sales and service for all parts in Europe
2003 - CME opens its Brazil location to better serve the South American market
Today - CME operates from 3 international offices with a worldwide network of distributors and its factory in Sweden

CME is a unique amalgamation of Swedish drilling expertise, engineering and worldwide service experience. Since CME's inception in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1978, we continue to define our company and products by a continuous pursuit of innovation and development. After leaving behind many of our contemporaries in the hand-grinder market of the 1980s, our careful and strategic growth has enabled us to preserve a laser focus on providing leading-edge drill bit and cutter maintenance solutions to the professional rock drilling industry.

We firmly believe that the best way to serve the diverse needs of our customers is for us to remain as specialists in this essential niche market.

While our vision has remained targeted, our manufacturing capabilities have greatly expanded. Our product offering extends from low-volume hand-held grinders to heavy-duty stationary button bit grinders for production environments and to mobile systems for use in remote locations. We undertake the following actions to ensure that our customers benefit from the highest efficiencies and the very latest technology and processes


Since 1978 CME has designed, manufactured and implemented countless grinding systems for professional rock drilling operations around the world. We have embraced a philosophy of continuous innovation and development combined with a determined work ethic in order to serve clients ranging from small, budget-sensitive companies to large-scale operations in remote locations. Every solution we provide – regardless of size or scope – is built on the foundation of one simple truth: proper care and maintenance of your drill bits and cutters just makes good economic sense.

CME manufactures hand-held and a wide variety of semi-automatic button bit grinding systems, but our product offering is only one component of the value we aim to provide. Our objective for each and every customer solution is to reduce drilling costs by maximizing efficiencies, establishing effective processes and executing a strategic plan for the care and maintenance of the drilling equipment.

No two drilling environments are exactly alike so we encourage you to contact us to take advantage of our expertise and the most current technology in determining a solution to your specific needs. Please call us at +1 (905) 849-4530 to discuss a solution that will extend the service life of your equipment, maximize its performance, increase your net penetration rates and ultimately protect your bottom line.

Add it up:

   The approximate cost of maintaining the performance of a drill bit is only 2% of the total drilling cost

   Use of CME's grinding systems in combination with a comprehensive, regular maintenance plan can reduce your overall drilling costs by up to 40%

   A CME grinding system can restore your carbide button bits to near-new condition, increasing your net penetration by as much as 35%

That's a significant ROI – contact us to explore the cost reductions and performance improvements that your operation could be achieving.
   employs a highly skilled workforce of specialists in their respective disciplines including technicians and engineers

   holds several patents worldwide with numerous others pending

   manages all sales and service through a vast network of distributors

   maintains a fully-stocked spare parts inventory of precision components

   takes a forward-thinking approach to the implementation of environmental, health and safety standards
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